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Romantic Getaways In The Berkshires

Couple by fireplace. With the winter and spring holidays upon us, what better way to celebrate than escaping to a romantic retreat with your loved one? During the winter months, the soothing comfort and nostalgia of a bed and breakfast provides couples with the perfect opportunity for a cozy getaway. As snow envelops the outside world, you'll be snuggling with your sweetheart by the fireplace. Toast your other half on Valentine's Day, relaxing in a comfortable parlor with a glass of cognac or an afternoon tea. Later in the season, as the snow and ice begin to thaw, you can slip away for an amorous long weekend. Stroll the grounds and enjoy the rustic countryside as trees and flowers begin to bloom.

Each day of your vacation, wake up close to the one you love in a luxurious guest room. Before getting out for a day of culture or an outdoors adventure, you'll enjoy freshly baked muffins or a delicious homemade breakfast served by gracious innkeepers who make you feel like honored guests in their home.

Applegate B&B A Little History: During your travels, you'll find that this romantic vacation experience is almost uniquely a part of the Berkshires. Originally a British convention, the bed and breakfast tradition took root and grew particularly quickly in the Berkshires because of a lack of adequate numbers of hotel and motel beds. With a constantly growing demand for lodging, the region could conceivably have followed the rest of the nation's lead and undergone a spurt of urban-type development and the arrival of high-rise hotels. The residents of the Berkshires, however, wanted their hometowns to remain predominantly rural and unspoiled. In order to do that and still meet the demands of a growing visitor population, some more creative solution was needed.

Couple Enter the New England entrepreneur. Many of the people who retired to the Berkshires bought up the magnificent, large homes that had been so prevalent in the area during the Victorian Era and later. It was the extra bedrooms of these charming homes that would provide the desperately needed additional lodging space. Since these rooms were actually guest rooms in private homes, the innkeeper became the visitor's host and the visitor became an esteemed guest in the home.

Fairy Tale Holidays: Idyllic comfort and luxury make the bed and breakfast experience one of the most dearly loved aspects of a Berkshire vacation. Couples enjoy a glimpse of the past as well as amenities of the modern world. Decorated in a wide variety of styles from rough and rustic to elegant Victorian, each inn holds its own individual charm. Many estates are furnished with antiques, providing a touch of period detail, while others boast superb art collections and a myriad of unique touches to add to the romantic atmosphere.

Applegate B&B The true beauty of a bed and breakfast lies in the fact that the hominess is not just a façade - you're staying in a genuine home. Instead of feeling like a tourist residing within the anonymity of a hotel room, you'll be welcomed into the family and the neighborhood. You'll wake up in the morning with sun streaming through a real window, and when you gaze out that window you'll see an actual yard, neighbors and a community. Your hosts connect you to this community, giving you an opportunity to see how the locals live. Complementing the typical commercial attractions, they can recommend their own favorite spots in town and point you in the right direction for the best-kept secrets in the region. This intimate link to the area takes you one step further, beyond the guidebooks, and into the real flavor of the towns and villages that make up our heritage. With new-found kinship and camaraderie, you'll find that the most important aspect of the bed and breakfast experience has always been the men and women who choose to open their homes and their hearts to share their love of this area with the visitors who flock here.